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Four Reasons You’ll Love Monviso® California Heirloom Garlic

What makes Monviso® garlic so special? The bold nutty taste and creamy finish offer your taste buds a true garlic flavor that stands out among other types of garlic. Plus, our commitment to value and the assurance of strict USDA and food safety standards means you’ll get the best garlic around! Learn more about what makes Monviso® different:


Christopher Ranch Monviso® Garlic originated in the heart of Italy. Brought to California by Christopher Ranch for cultivation over 60 years ago, this variety was selected for its “true garlic flavor” and distinct taste profile.


than Chinese garlic, giving our garlic a bold nutty flavor with a creamy finish.

BRIX measures the percentage of solids in plant juice. Higher solids = higher quality = more flavor!


than Chinese garlic. In sensory evaluations Monviso® outperforms Chinese garlic in richness and duration in cooking.

ALLICIN is the sulphur compound created in garlic when it is crushed or chopped. Allicin gives garlic its flavorful bite and enticing aroma.


The cost difference per plate of Monviso® and Chinese garlic is often 1 cent. That’s not much to pay for the added value of Monviso®’s true garlic flavor, higher Brix and Allicin, and the assurance of strict USDA and Food Safety standards.

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