Christopher Ranch

Fresh Ginger

Our Fresh Ginger Root is pungent and aromatic, and can be used as a spice or flavoring for a variety of foods.  The “hands” of fresh ginger root are knobby and fibrous, with tan skin and white to beige flesh. Fresh ginger should be hard and weighty with fairly smooth skin.


Storage & Handling

  • Keep in a cool, dry environment
  • Do not refrigerate

Product Benefits

Fresh Ginger Root is full of nutrients, and is touted as a remedy for everything from colds, flu, and nausea to arthritis pain, blood clots and high cholesterol. It’s effective for motion sickness and upset stomachs.

Freshly grated, sliced or chopped, ginger is the perfect addition to stir-fries, sauces, and marinades. One teaspoon of fresh grated ginger is equal to two teaspoons of ginger powder or one teaspoon of our Chopped Ginger.

Sizes: 3 oz., 16 oz. bags

Fresh Ginger