Christopher Ranch

Specialty Onions

  • Pearl Onions are baby onions that come in white, red or gold coloring. These versatile onions are great for cooking, and are milder and sweeter than regular onions, with a crisp texture.
  • Cipolline Onions are an Italian variety of onion. Smaller than regular onions, they are a bit sweeter and milder, but have that Italian kick that can make any dish stand out.
  • Boiler Onions are not too small, but not too big – the perfect size for soups, stews, or pot roasts. Their unique taste is slightly milder than a large white onion.

Storage & Handling

  • Store all products in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
  • To peel specialty onions, plunge them into boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then chill in ice water
  • Trim roots if necessary, in order to squeeze out of skin

Product Benefits

Specialty onions have a unique flavor profile and texture that can elevate any recipe and keep guests coming back for more. They are perfect for soups, stews, or pot roasts!

Specialty Onions