Christopher Ranch

Garlic Stir Fry

Garlic Stir Fry


4 cups fresh vegetables cut into bite size pieces: zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, snow peas, onions, bell peppers, carrots, celery
3 small slices fresh Christopher Ranch Ginger
4 cloves Christopher Ranch California Heirloom Garlic – peeled and crushed
1/4 cup vegetable or peanut oil
1 tsp. salt each salt and pepper
1/2 cup white wine
Sprinkle of parsley
Sprinkle of oregano
1 tbls. oyster sauce
1/2 fresh lemon

The Method

Heat oil in wok or large skillet. Sauté ginger with garlic being careful not to burn garlic. Remove ginger when golden brown and discard. Add vegetables, stirring immediately to coat with oil. Add salt, pepper and wine. Stir vegetables and cook approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Add oregano, parsley, oyster sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Sauté approximately 1 minute more and serve.