Christopher Ranch

Safety and Quality
Quality from the ground up

At Christopher Ranch, food safety is of paramount importance, and we work continuously to improve and maintain high standards of quality and sanitation in our growing, processing and packing facilities. We are committed to giving you the best – and safest – products possible by following strict guidelines to ensure “quality from the ground up”. We keep food safety in mind so you don’t have to!

At Christopher Ranch, we guarantee all of our products are manufactured in accordance with all current good manufacturing practices promulgated under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (including the amendments as per the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and products are not misbranded or adulterated and are in compliance with federal, state and local laws.

In addition, we are in full compliance with all other applicable federal, state, municipal and local laws with respect to the growing, manufacturing, production, registration, sale, transportation and distribution of our products.

As part of our commitment to safe products, Christopher Ranch has effective GAP, GMP and HACCP, Food Security and Food Defense Plans in place at our Gilroy manufacturing facility. Our HACCP program includes extensive pest control, recall and microbial programs.

Third Party Audits / HACCP

We have a comprehensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP) in place to help maintain the highest food safety standards possible. To guarantee those safety standards, our HACCP certifications are performed by Primus GFS a Global Food Safety Initiative (FSI), bench-marked and fully recognized audit scheme.

Primus GFS defines HACCP as a “preventative system of hazard control. It is a common sense, risk-based approach designed to establish strategies to prevent, eliminate or reduce the occurrence of food contamination.  The system requires control over all aspects of a food production operation. The raw material, the process, the environment, personnel, storage and distribution are all factors that are considered.”

We consistently earn high ratings from Primus GFS after detailed audits of our Good Manufacturing Practices, General File Requirements and HACCP Program.


All of our products are assigned lot codes that allow us to trace each product back to its source.

Kosher Certification

Our processed, whole peeled and roasted products are certified Kosher by Organized Kashrus Laboratories (O.K. Labs).  Kosher food is best defined as pure and ritually proper to eat, and the laws of kosher food have been observed for over 3,300 years.

O.K. Labs conducts comprehensive annual inspections to make sure our products and ingredients comply with the intricate set of laws that govern kosher foods.  Proper implementation of these rules is achieved only by close consultation with a Kashrus expert who examines our processing plants, warehouses, production records, work flow charts, ingredients and the ingredient certificates from our suppliers. O.K. Labs also follows up with periodic inspections at Christopher  Ranch to insure our certification. For more information on Organized Kashrus Laboratories, contact

GMO Free

Christopher Ranch currently uses no genetically modified organisms in any products which are grown, harvested or processed at our facility.